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District Clerk

District Clerk

Self-Help Resources

Child Support:

Office of Attorney General Record of Support
Income Withholding for Support Form
Request for Service

Civil Subpoena Form
Request for Service
Sworn Application and Petition to Stop Cyberbullying

Application for criminal subpoena

Family Cases:
TCIC (Protective Orders)
Consent to Publish or Remove Information from Protective Order Registry
Family Subpoena Form
Standing Order Regarding Case Captions and Styles
Certificate of Adoption (VS-160)
Bureau of Vital Statistics Form (VS-165)
Request for Service
Protective Order Forms
CPS Attorney Compensation Form

General Forms:
Public Access Request Form (fillable)
Request for Service
Request for Copies

Motion and Order to Withdraw Minor Funds-Invested Account
Motion and Order to Withdraw Minor Funds-Non Invested
Motion and Order to Withdraw Registry Funds
Motion and Order to Withdraw cash bond for Criminal cases
Registry Account Information Form
Refund Policy

New Suits Filing:

Montgomery County Standing Order
TCIC Protective Order Information Sheet
Request for Service

New Suit Check List for Pro Se Litigants
Adult Name Change
Minor Name Change
Bureau of Vital Statistics Form  (to be completed and provided to the District Clerk in paper form-please do NOT e-file)
418th Family Counseling Packet
Statement of Inability to Afford Payment of Court Costs or an Appeal Bond

Post Judgment:
Request for Civil Abstract, Writ, or Order of Sale
Writ of Habeas Corpus Application Art. 11.07
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