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435th District Court

435th Drug Court

        This page provides a general overview of the 435th Drug Court.  For more information about the Drug Court C.A.R.E. Program, click here.
        The 9th and 435th District Courts share jurisdiction of Drug Court. Participants ages 27 and under are assigned to the 435th.  

        Generally, individuals can participate if they are:

· 17 years of age or older
· Chemically dependent and in need of treatment
· Charged with a state jail felony or third degree felony
· Not charged with a felony of the first or second degree or misdemeanor
· Not charged with a felony DWI, intoxication manslaughter or intoxication assault
· Not violent offenders
· Not sexual offenders
· Not currently on parole

        Please note that Drug Court is a diversion program so each session is not an open courtroom. If you are not a participant or do not have the Court’s permission to attend, you will not be allowed to sit inside the courtroom.

Information for Attorneys:

        While Drug Court screenings can be done in Court, it is helpful for the Drug Court staff to be notified ahead of time of any needed screenings.

         No case will be set on a docket to plead without an email sent to the Court from the State confirming that the individual has been approved for Drug Court.




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