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  • Montgomery County Toll Road Authority

Toll Tags


Montgomery County Toll Road Authority

Toll Tags

Tolls are collected by way of EZ Tag.

EZ Tags are distributed and billed through the Harris County Toll Road Authority (

The toll gantries are unmanned.

How does EZ TAG work?

An EZ TAG is a small adhesive device that adheres to the inside of the windshield. As EZ TAG customers use the system, tolls are electronically deducted from their account.

When the EZ TAG account reaches the minimum balance level, it automatically charges (debits) the customer’s credit card or bank account to bring it back to the original deposit amount.  (source:

Where is EZ TAG accepted as a payment option?

EZ TAG works on most Texas toll roads with electronic tolling lanes! EZ TAG also works on toll roads in Kansas and Oklahoma.

In order for your EZ TAG to be accepted as a payment option, your EZ TAG Account must be mounted on your vehicle at the time of the transaction and your account must be in good financial standing.

When you're planning to use a toll road, parking garage or other facility, we encourage you to check with the entity to confirm they will accept EZ TAG.

EZ TAG is not accepted as a payment option at airport locations.  (source:



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