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Home History

Ask the neighbors:
The best way to know about the home you are looking at is to ask the people who live around the neighborhood. Examples of questions you can ask:

Has this home flooded that you are aware of?
Did your home flood? If yes, how high? If no, where did the water come to in your yard?
Did the neighborhood flood during April or May 2016, Hurricane Harvey, or Tropical Storm Imelda?
How is the drainage for the neighborhood?
How are the roads during heavy rain events? Can you get in/out of the neighborhood?
Are there any close bodies of water to the neighborhood that you are aware of?

Is it listed as a 1316 Property?
A 1316 property is a property that has failed to come into compliance with local flood plain regulations. A property that has been deemed 1316 under Section 1316 of the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968 (as amended) will remain a 1316 property until current compliance is met.  Failure to meet compliance with current local flood plain regulations may result in the denial of flood insurance and possibly the denial of future federal disaster assistance. 

Find the Montgomery County 1316 list here or contact Montgomery County Engineering 936.539.7833 and ask to speak with the Flood Plain Administrator.

Has it had a flood insurance claim/ is it eligible for flood insurance?
Do your due diligence as a home buyer or renter. Check several sources to see if the home has had any type of claim or if the home is even eligible to be covered under flood insurance. There are various reasons why a home may not be eligible for flood insurance, but all reasons should be a red flag. All homes, if in compliance and in good standing, should be able to carry a flood policy regardless of location to a floodplain. 
Find more information on flood insurance at



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