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Buyout Programs

CDBG-DR Homeowner Buyout Applications   FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Forms
Homeowner Buyout Application

Solicitud de compra de vivienda
 * To be eligible for the FMA program homeowners must meet the following criteria:
1) Indicated as a Repetitive Loss (RL)/Severe Repetitive Loss (SRL) property according to NFIP
2) Currently have, and continue to maintain, a valid NFIP Flood Insurance Policy.

 Required Forms for CDBG- DR Buyout Applications
Participation Agreement Principal Residency  Self Certification of Repairs
Right of Entry Affidavit of Child Support  Duplication of Benefits
 Affidavit of Ownership Insurance Affidavit Subrogation Agreement

  Submit the full application packet for consideration:
- FMA Application English/Spanish
- A photo of each exterior side of the home with a clear view of the foundation
- Copy of the homes current NFIP Flood Insurance Policy
- Copy of the homes NFIP Flood Loss History Report
2015/2016 Storm and Flood CDBG-DR
2016 Storm and Flood Application
Aplicación de tormentas e inundaciones 2016
2016 Storm and Flood Housing Guidelines
1st Amendment- June 2020
Application Packets may be submitted in the following ways:
Fax: 936.523.3910
Mail or drop off: 9472 Airport Rd. Conroe TX 77303

Pautas de vivienda de tormentas e inundaciones 2016
                   Primera enmienda- junio 2020
    2016 Storm and Flood Housing Guidelines Public Comments
Hurricane Harvey CDBG-DR    
Hurricane Harvey Application    
Solicitud de huracán Harvey    
  Hurricane Harvey Housing Guidelines    
 Pautas de vivienda del huracán Harvey     
Hurricane Harvey Housing Guidelines- Amendment 1: October 2020    
Pautas de vivienda del huracán Harvey- la enmienda 1: octubre 2020    
Hurricane Harvey Housing Guidelines Public Comments    



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