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Repair/Rebuild Process

Repair_Rebuild Process

Repair/Rebuild process after storm damage:

1. File a claim:
  • Homeowner Insurance (does not cover flood-related loss)
  • Flood Insurance 
  • SBA (only if a declared disaster)
  • FEMA (only if a declared disaster)

2. Get estimates to repair the damage to the home

3. Check with the county and/or your local city to determine any permitting requirements

4. Is the home considered substantially damaged? (The cost to repair the damage meets or exceeds 50% of the market value of the home prior to the damage occurring)     
 If YES:
  • Must come into current compliance of local jurisdictions flood plain ordinances. (Elevation) 
  • A surveyor can determine how much the structure must be raised to meet the compliance.
  • Complete the elevation requirements and receive an Elevation Certificate
  • Submit Elevation Certificate to local jurisdiction as proof of compliance
  • Permits for repair/rebuild will be issued
If NO:
  • If the structure is not considered substantially damaged or if the structure is located outside of a flood plain or floodway, permits can be obtained through normal processes.            

* Note*
Repairing and rebuilding a structure that is considered substantially damaged without coming into compliance with the local jurisdictions flood plain regulations can place the property at risk of becoming a 1316 property

For more information on repair/rebuild visit Montgomery County Engineer's Office 936.539.7833



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