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Veterans Services

Veterans Treatment Court
300 North Main, Room 304 Conroe, Texas  77301
Phone: 936-538-8170 Fax: 936-538-8165

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The mission of the Montgomery County Veterans Treatment Court is to assist Veterans and their families to become integral and productive members of  the community through a collaborative effort, and to honor them and restore their dignity for their selfless service to our community; we shall leave no veteran behind.

The Montgomery County Veterans Treatment Court Program aims to serve veterans and active service members who suffer from mental illness, mental disorders, and substance use disorder due to military service, which was a contributing factor in their misdemeanor or felony criminal offense.  Montgomery County Veterans Treatment Court aims to achieve positive veteran behavior by providing a holistic integrated set of support services including the following:

Diverting veterans from the traditional criminal justice system into an alternative to incarceration program that addresses their specific needs:

  • Improving access to medical, mental health, and substance abuse treatment;
  • Assisting with other debilitating factors such as unemployment and homelessness;
  • Improving long-term mental health recovery and community reintegration through involvement in structured, comprehensive treatment.

To Qualify for the VCT a defendant MUST:

  • Be charged with a criminal offense in Montgomery County
  • Be a US Veteran, on active duty, or in the Reserves, or National Guard or State Guard
  • Be active duty or have a Honorable Discharge, or General Discharge Under Honorable Conditions (if separated or retired)
  • Served in combat zone or hazardous duty
  • The charged offense must be the result of a mental illness or disorder, substance abuse disorder, or traumatic brain injury suffered due to military service in combat or hazardous duty.


All applications are reviewed on a case by case basis and not all criminal charges are eligible for Veterans Treatment Court. Many factors, including prior convictions, are considered.

The VTC program is voluntary and involves at least tweleve (12) months of treatment. Participants may enter the VTC through probation or a pre-trial diversion contract.

Compliance with probation conditions  and treatment conditions are mandatory. The staffing committee determines whether or not an applicant is tentatively eligible. The Department of Veterans Affairs examines the defendant and provides information for further assessment. The presiding judge of the trial court makes the final determination on whether or not an applicant is able to participate in Veteran Treatment Court.

Veterans participating in VTC are given access to appointed defense counsel for the duration of proceedings.

The VTC dockets are held in the 359th District Courtroom at 207 West Phillips, 3rd Floor, Conroe, Texas 77301 on the second and fourth Wednesdays of every month beginning at 5:15 pm.


  • NATE JENSEN - Office of Court Administration, Director
  • LISA MICHALK - Presiding District Administrative Judge
  • CLAUDIA LAIRD - Presiding County Court Administrative Judge
  • BRIAN BURNS - Criminal Defense Bar Representative
  • MIKE MEADOR, Commissioner (Pct. 1) Commissioners’ Court Representative
  • PAT HAMM (Probation Department Director) - Probation Department Representative
  • KATHLEEN HAMILTON, Chairperson - Veterans Treatment Court Judge
  • MIKE HOLLEY - District Attorney Office Representative
  • Citizen Veteran Representative


  • Kathleen Hamilton - Judge
  • Mike Holley - Prosecutor (936.539.7800)
  • Brian Burns - Defense Counsel (936.647.2422)
  • Wade Cooper - VA Representative (713.791.1414)
  • Latisha Bluford - Probation Officer (936.538.8200)
  • Gwendolyn Simpson - VTC Court Administrator (936.539.7900)
  • Ashley Hyter - Mentor Coordinator (936.521.6132)

Steps to Apply to Veterans Treatment Court: 

STEP 1: 
Submit the following forms to the Office of Court Administration and contact Mike Holley ( with the DA's office for pre-approval:


VA Form for Release of Information

(must be submitted with application)

After initial approval is received from the VA and DA, obtain medical qualification:

Step 2 - VA Form for Release of Information

Fax to 713 791 7647 : Attn: Morris Wade Cooper, LCSW VJO specialist or it can be scanned and sent via email:  He will facilitate the medical interview.

After qualification verified by VA, obtain DA signature and submit the following to the court where the criminal charges are pending for findings by the judge:

Motion Requesting Entry Into VTC  

(to be filed after application approved)

Order Approving Entry Into VTC






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