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Bail Bond Board

Jan Avery, Administrator

Bail Bond Board

Bail Bond Board
Jan Avery, Administrator

The Bail Bond Board will meet on the third Thursday of the month for 2019, with the following exceptions:  August meeting. Please click on the agenda and minutes link at the side for any updates or changes. We will meet at 12:00 the Alan B. Sadler Commissioners Court Building, 501 North Thompson, 4th Floor in Commissioner's Court, Conroe, Texas 77301 unless otherwise specified.

2019 Meetings
:  Thursday, January 17, Thursday, February 21, Thursday, March 21,  Thursday, April 18, Thursday May 16, Thursday, June 20, Thursday, July 18, Thursday, August 08, Thursday, September 19, Thursday, October 17, Thursday, November 21, Thursday, December 19, 2019.

Montgomery County Bail Bond Board - Board Members - 2019

Amanda Whittington
Designee for County Judge Mark Keough

Rick Brass, Attorney
Montgomery County Defense Attorney’s Representative
Vice Presiding Officer

Douglas Wyrwich
Licensed Bail Bond Surety Representative

Samantha Jarvis
Asst. District Attorney and designee for Brett Ligon, District Attorney

Judge Phil Grant – Designee Paul Damico
District Court

Jeremiah Richards
Designee for County Sheriff Rand Henderson

Darin Bailey
Designee for County Clerk Mark Turnbull

Melisa Miller – Designee Kelsey Padgett
District Clerk

Judge Michael Davis
City of Conroe Municipal Court

Melanie Bush
County Treasurer

Judge Wayne Mack
Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1

Judge Claudia Laird
County Court at Law #2 and Designee for County Courts and County Judges

Board Resources:

John McKinney
Legal Counsel to the Bail Bond Board

Jan Avery- Bail Bond Board Administrator




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